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Appointment request

    Thank you for your interest! Before you fill out the Tattoo inquiry form here is some basic info about how I work.

    I schedule in about 3 month increments, using an open and closed booking system. This allows me a flow where I can schedule and focus on my current clients and workload until I open up scheduling again. 

    All my work is custom. Which means I will not copy another persons custom tattoo, but I will always be happy to draw you an original version of whatever sample you bring me. Pricing is subject to change and varies piece to piece but my minimum is 200$ and my hourly rate is 175$/hour. The hourly rate usually only applies to large scale/multi sitting work, Which typically we agree on a work time and price for the session so there are no surprises. Most single sitting pieces I will flat rate once I know the location, size and the level of detail involved in the piece. 



ALL APPOINTMENTS REQUIRE A MINIMUM NON-REFUNDABLE $100 DEPOSIT. If I do not recieve a deposit then we do not have a confirmed appointment.

Get Started! Fill out the form below

*Please allow a few days to a week for me to get back to you via email, when the booking period is open.

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